At a time when Asia is rapidly growing in global influence, this much-needed and insightful book bridges two major current policy topics in order to offer a unique study of the latest smart city archetypes emerging throughout Asia. Highlighting the smart city aspirations of Asian countries and their role in Asian governments’ new development strategies, this book draws out timely narratives and insights from a uniquely Asian context and policymaking space.
Each carefully curated chapter studies a national or local government-led smart city project and how it specifically relates to local institutions, political dynamics and development challenges in a region that is rapidly urbanising and growing economically. Collectively, these pressing contributions offer a comparative look at the policies and practices of smart cities, seen through the lens of local scholars and experts.
Thoughtful and engaging, this book will prove valuable reading for students and scholars of public policy and Asian studies, as well as those with a specific interest in urban studies and planning, and science and technology policy. Policymakers and practitioners will also benefit from the rich information and up-to-date analysis on offer